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Let's See If You Can Recall....

We’re going to take a simple journey in November. We’re going to do some reflection about the past year, and map out how it has impacted you. Stay with me each week as you reflect and dissect the past year, then put it to good use for the coming year. I’ll guide you through it.

It’s now 4th quarter and and we will very soon have 2022 in our sights. This year taught us many things about ourselves, especially how happy-go-lucky life was before the pandemic. We didn’t have to fear encountering others, wearing masks, being quarantined etc. This is for sure one of the biggest, eye-opening lessons our society has had in decades.

But let’s look at the positives. Looking at negatives gives us a learning experience. Looking at the positives puts our minds in the right framework for success and enables us to look ahead. Map out what went right during this past year.

We move so fast in life we forget and then take things for granted. Have you stopped to smell the roses that bloomed? Here is a quick little mental exercise you should try to help put 2021 into proper perspective.

Make a simple list or chart like the one below. List out something positive that happened in each month of this past year. I hope this is a super easy exercise in that you know the positives right away. No doubt it will bring a smile to your face or lighten your mood. Maybe it’s harder than you ever imagined. Maybe you just can’t remember. Or maybe there was nothing positive in a particular month. The reality of that scenario is scary. The good news is that it makes you want to be more aware and present in what’s going on in your life. Don’t overlook all those happy, productive, life-affirming moments and opportunities. These are gifts that will make your next 12 months better whether you realize it or not.

By the way, for those of you who send out an annual holiday newsletter, this exercise gets the ball rolling for you. Stay tuned for next week. We will continue to add new dimensions to your 2021 look back which will help give a unique perspective on how you go into 2022.

If you want to go through the additional steps of wrapping up the year in this unique and productive way, subscribe to the Monthly Breakthrough here. This month's breakthrough will give you a whole new perspective on your past year and how you will approach the coming year.

Jodi Henson is a small business expert, author, entrepreneur and founder of The Softer Side of Success ( She works with aspiring and existing small business owners to help them overcome challenges and attain their goals. If you are looking to define your next steps, contact her at

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