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"This list is a no-brainer to start using with your teams, co-workers, and partners!  Enjoy and watch productivity soar!"      - Jodi

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Meet Jodi Henson

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Small Business Resources

Tools to work smarter, faster, more efficiently and more effectively.

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Business Articles

Stay updated on interesting stories about other successful small businesses.

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What's Happening At
The Softer Side of Success

Simple Ways To Be Brilliant!

Every month receive a new tip, trick, idea, challenge, or exercise to hone your skills and pump up your business savvy!  It's free, but worth oh so much!

Here is the way to do your due diligence before you invest.

6 Modules covering everything you need to think through on your business idea to get to a Go/No Go decision.  

5 Week Sprints that will move your business forward.

Confidential, results-focused weekly meetings.  Deep dive into specific business model topics.  Game changing.

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